Marlcroft Asset Management, LLCProvides investment supervisory services based on the individual needs of our clients.


Mark Twain once said “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” We believe navigating financial markets and economic conditions over forty years has provided us with the experience to see things with the benefit of perspective. Remember, the four most dangerous words to an investor are “This time it’s different.”


Marlcroft diversify portfolios across a traditional mix of common stocks, fixed-income securities and cash equivalents consistent with each client’s unique risk tolerance and tax situation.


Fulfilling our obligations to those who have placed their trust in us is the key to long-term financial, as well as personal, success.

See The Difference

We have resisted the movement to passively-managed model portfolios. Our belief is that this approach has risks embedded in it that will surface during periods of sustained duress in the financial markets. In our experience, we have seen many innovative products and strategies presented as having low risk that turned out to be quite the opposite. Real world stress tests expose the flaws in hypothetical simulations.

Why Marlcroft?

We are relationship/service-oriented as opposed to product driven: what is good for the client is good for Marlcroft. Our goal is to build and maintain the confidence and trust of our clients in our accessibility and objectivity. Bigger does not mean better: our size is an advantage as it enables us to focus on a limited number of close, ongoing relationships. Motivated by a desire to serve, not a mandate to sell.

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